How to Stay Stylish in Deep Winter Weather

When winter comes along, it can be all too easy to fall into the trend of actually falling out of fashion. Winter fashion ideas are hard to come by. But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style? When looking for winter wear for work or finding the right layers in winter, we’ve got some solid tips to keep you warm and stylish. Here are some solutions to keep fashion at the forefront when the temperature hits below zero:

Stay colourful

A black puffer coat or your go-to winter coat can mean staying in neutrals for the span of several months. Break out of the spell by finding ways to add colour even when wearing the warmest thermal leggings. For example, bold leggings, like the Urban Chic Pant from Winter Woolies in a bright standout colour, is an easy way to keep your fashion colourful.

Live out loud with prints

Complement your thermal leggings with the right top. Finding styles that show your adoration for your furry friends is a must. For example, the Paw Print top is a ‘purrfect’ way to claw up some winter fashion fun. Or, even the leopard and mosaic textured print thermal clothing from Winter Woolies is a great option. The key message is staying warm, but this still means you can show some personality and whimsy when you get ready for the extremely cold winter weather.

Leggings with a flair

Finding thermal black leggings in different styles can be tricky. For example, a flared-legging can be a great option—like the Jazz pants from Winter Woolies—for needing to be in Muk Luks for the trek to the cocktail party, or for work, and then slipping into a more elegant shoe once indoors. The Jazz pant is a great example of thermal clothing that allows you to be warm, but not being in skin-tight leggings if the occasion doesn’t require it.

Devil in the details

It can be tough to find winter wear for women that has personality. But not any longer! For example, our classic Swarovski Crystal Top is clothing with just the right amount of detail to let your glitzy personality show through. It also allows you to stay warm and sparkle no matter the occasion.

Thermal clothing is a necessity for the snow, or when the weather goes below freezing. However, this doesn’t mean a flair for great style has to go out the window when the snow starts to blow! We hope this winter fashion guide gives you some great strategy as you think about being fashion-forward (yet warm) during winter. 

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